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Relocating to

The logistics in relocating to Hawai’i can be many. They are challenging and overwhelming. And everyone has a unique set of circumstances and needs. The Concierge Company will streamline the process and provide you a dedicated concierge who can take you through the process with ease: identify the right moving company, get your pet ready for travel, help you understand island culture and lifestyle, figure out where to live, ways to keep your move organized, and more. Our boutique style allows for more hand-holding and a greater attention to detail.

Chris Valentini

Chief Operating Officer, ITV America

“Stuart is an all-encompassing executive, part COO, CFO, project manager, problem-solver, negotiator, cheerleader and consummate leader. He was the pulse of our organization, the good lieutenant, the unsung hero and back room executor. I’ve never come across a more level headed, pragmatic, compassionate, fair-minded and self deprecating individual.

He’s a genuine person who gets things done!”


We also provide other essential personal and lifestyle concierge services, on an as-needed basis. These include: personal and virtual assistance, event planning, errands, home organizing, and commercial services.

Amy Michelson

Designer and Business Owner/Los Angeles

“I was lucky enough to sit next to Stuart years ago on a cross country business trip. We instantly connected and have been friends and colleagues ever since.

Stuart is an extraordinary human being. I would trust him with my life. He has a rare combination of heart, generous spirit, strong business acumen, keen intelligence, sparkling humor and impeccable taste. Having him on my team in any capacity would be a blessing beyond measure.”

On-call Personal & Virtual

Whether you need help in managing your email database, supporting your marketing efforts or even ordering flowers and arranging transportation to name a few, we can handle any project or request. Wherever you may be, we can help wherever we may be.

Michael Schenker

President, Down In Front Entertainment, Inc.

“Stuart Zwagil has been a colleague and mentor of mine for over 15 years. His passion for content development, new business strategies, production management and entertainment as a whole has established him as a leader.

His outstanding reputation as a leader in the entertainment industry speaks his integrity and his commitment to creating safe, supportive environments for the many people he has employed over the past 25 years.”


Organizing all kinds of events like dinner parties, luncheons and baby showers to family travel and other special occasions

Martin Groothuis


“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Stuart for the last 20 years as both a friend and colleague. You can’t find a more honest, dedicated, and knowledgable person.

He has a high level of professionalism in whatever he sets his mind to. Not only does he do whatever it takes to get the job done, he does it with both finesse and style.”

Day to Day

Dog walking, handling dry cleaning, grocery shopping are a few examples of services where we can assist.

Jill Bogartz

Former Media Executive / Current Queen Mom to two amazing princesses

“Stuart and I worked together in production at Comedy Central in the early 1990’s. Not only have we become lifelong friends, I have followed his career to date. When we worked together I observed he was not only organized and had a strong work ethic he made everything look so flawless.

His calm and confident personality made me feel at ease and every project we worked on went off without a hitch. Over these past 25 years I have seen Stuart become an amazing force in the industry. There isn’t anything he can’t do.”


Downsizing to de-cluttering to reorganizing to making sure your house is maintained while you’re away…we tackle it all.

Genevieve Croteau

VP, Human Resources / Sirens Media

“Stuart Zwagil will quickly earn your trust and admiration. Stuart has an impeccable work ethic, open communication style, and is the kind of manager who leads by example. He makes himself accessible to all who seek his guidance.

Across his career, Stuart has managed dozens of multi-million dollar budgets and led companies with hundreds of employees. In these roles, he faced complex problems every day. Yet somehow, Stuart managed to make even the smallest question seem important and never let an email slip through the cracks. On top of it all, Stuart is a lovely person. If you decide to work with him, chances are you’ll be making a new friend, too.”


Estate Management, organizing staff, upkeep and maintenance

Mark Hamaguchi

Vice President / 44 Blue Productions

“Stuart Zwagil is the ultimate professional. I’ve worked with him on many projects for over 12 years.

Stuart is conscientious, collaborative and creative. With the demanding deadlines that companies face, through it all, one can always count on Stuart to manage logistics, projects, finances and people with grace.

He is proactive, when being reactive is more common. He is genuine, kind, fair and trustworthy, to name just some of his admirable qualities.”